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You want: More Time!
The Workshop-Coaching-Program for Entrepreneurs and Executives!

In a fast-paced world like ours, time is considered one of the most valuable commodities one may possess. Time flows and we either use it wisely, waste it or never have enough of it. But one thing is certain: you don’t have time, you take time.

How can you start to control your time? Is it really possible to have more time? What does time have to do with your own mind set? And why does communication play a key role?

The Workshop-Coaching-Program for Entrepreneurs and Executives who want to have more time and reach a new level!
Very personal with a focus on practice, yet scientifically based and with noticeable success in implementation!

Step 1: Personal Preparation Coaching
On the basis of a personal interview we get to know each other. Either at your office or online. This starts the personal Workshop-Coaching-Program “You want: More Time!” for you and your very individual questions and challenges can be addressed during the program.

Step 2: Workshop in Vienna
In the course of a 2-day workshop you will practice those criteria that are crucial for having more time available. You will get a new perspective on the factor time as well as on your own potential to be productive without exhaustion.

Step 3: Personal Follow-Up Coaching
Together, we ensure that you immediately implement what you have learned and practiced to see tangible results. Either at your office or online.

Excerpt: What Participants Say:

“So many good tools in such a short time – I am really impressed. I had many AHA moments especially regarding causatively, goal setting and time. Really exciting, vivid and practical presentation. The data in the workshop is applicable not only for business but for life. Thank you Sarah.” M. St.

“I was able to take away so much knowledge and points were discussed which one now does consciously and no longer unconsciously. Sarah – THANK YOU! You really did a great job. Your open manner and realistic examples were very beneficial to me.” N. St.

“The best thing is a greater understanding regarding organizations and how to use it to establish employees and control time. For me these are the most important factors to be able to delegate and expand my activities.” P. H.

“It was highly interesting. Also the data regarding visualization and generating good emotions when you get down to work. Working quickly and efficiently is another important point to increase productivity. I got real tools I can use to improve my life.” M. K.

To register or for more information, email us to office or
call +43 699 191 830 95.

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 You want: More Growth!
The individual, internal Organization Project!

Every company pursues the goal of being successful. Even if “success” can be defined differently for companies, competitiveness and long-term existence are desired.

It requires a useful development of improved processes, an optimized use of knowledge and competences, the estimation to open up new markets, or to work on existing markets with existing products/services in continuously improved quality and to guarantee entrepreneurial success by ensuring sustainable competitiveness.

With the individual, internal organization project you set the course for more competitiveness and expansion!

Step 1: Interview and Testing of Your Company


Based on the three key criteria for success STRATEGY-MARKETING-SELLING, an all-encompassing company analysis (interview and testing/100 questions) is conducted.

Step 2: Evaluation and concrete catalog of measures

A concrete catalog of measures will show you at a glance what you need to do to bring your company to a new level or to stabilize your existing success.

Step 3: Implementation of the measures

The measures individually developed for you will be implemented in the course of an individual, internal organizational project.

For registration and further information please email us to or call us at +43 699 191 830 95.

 You want: A strong Team!
The Inhouse-Training-Program for your Executives and Employees!

Every company pursues the goal of being successful. And those that are sustainably competitive have one thing in common: they invest in their employees. They see employees for what they are, namely the pillars of every company.

The in-house training program for your managers and employees!
Very personal with focus on practice, yet scientifically based and with noticeable success in implementation!

2-day seminars each from 9AM to 5PM either in your premises, externally or online. Currently available in German and English.


The success of a company is more than the sum of the individual performances of each employee. What role does meaningfulness in/with leadership play in creating a team? How is the value as a leader defined? What mind-set is required to be a good leader and why does communication play a key role?
With this seminar you will increase your understanding of leadership in/with meaningfulness and the certainty to be able to create a strong team as a good leader.


Time seems to be the noticeably scarcest resource for leaders. Is it possible to control time? How is a person’s mind-set related to time? Is time directly related to communication? Whether you can be successful as a leader depends on time. Whether, your team can deliver the performance that is expected. And whether, in the end, the company achieves the intended success or not.
With this seminar you will increase your understanding of the factor time and increase your certainty to be able to control and steer time.


Per Einstein, we famously use only 10 percent of our potential. And often people are all too aware that there is more in them than they are currently using in terms of skills. This seminar starts the journey to more potential, which will have a direct positive impact on your professional, as well as private environment. With easy to learn tools you will increase the certainty to discover more of your potential and to be able to use it. 


Each person in a company contributes to the overall success of the company by completing his or her job responsibilities. This seminar will give employees who have no business training or are new to the workforce a solid insight into their role as an employee as well as a basic understanding of management and organization in order to be enabled to become a valuable employee.

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call us at +43 699 191 830 95.

You want: More Knowledge!
The individual Knowledge Transfer Project!

Knowledge is regarded as a key resource and a comparative advantage of a company over its competitors. On the one hand, knowledge must be stored and systematized, so that it remains generally accessible, on the other hand, all individual knowledge must be transformed into organizational knowledge. This is not such a big challenge when we focus on explicit knowledge. But do you also know what is deeply embedded in the actions and experiences of your employees? Have you found an access to tacit knowledge?

We support knowledge transfer on 3 levels!
Onboarding – Employee Retention – Offboarding

  • From onboarding to offboarding – hybrid knowledge management, digital, analog, individual and efficient! 
  • Knowledge enrichment through onboarding – how to make the onboarding process smooth and internalize knowledge!
  • Employee retention through professional support in the ongoing knowledge transfer!
  • Knowledge transfer when offboarding – focusing on the significant phase of knowledge loss!

Organizational learning in application by including generation management!

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"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future."
John F. Kennedy

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